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The 12 Best Chignon Bun Hairstyles

1. Boho Wedding Chignon

This hairdo is elegant and traditional. Add your favorite flowers to your hair for color and a beautiful finish.

2. Braided Chignon

Braided chignons elevate the look. The hair will be swept up and placed at the nape of the neck after braiding, which can be basic or complex.

3. Chignon Updo For Medium Hair

The adaptable chignon updo is easy to do. You may explore several finishes, from slick to messy. Medium hair suits the haircut's nape.

4. Chignon with a Bow

The feminine, young ornament adds color. This is a fantastic way to personalize and elevate your updo.

5. Chignon With Beaded Hair Jewellery

We'll prove the chignon isn't outdated. It's classic, versatile, and easy to personalize. Do wear a tiara or hair jewelry on your wedding day!

6. Chignon With Pearls

Pearls add elegance to the chignon. Still, the location and size of your hair jewelry allow you to arrange your hair expressively and uniquely.

7. Chignon With Side Tendrils

Side tendrils modernize the chignon. These pieces falling carelessly on each side of the face softens and frames the face. This hairdo is ideal for special events.

8. Chignon With Zigzag Dutch Braids

Some individuals like classic updos, while others like to experiment and express themselves. The zigzag dutch braid chignon will inspire the second group.

9. Curly Chignon

The traditional chignon, an updo at the nape, is simple and elegant. This design is versatile, letting you play with texture and finish. Curly hair adds volume to your look.

10. Easy Updo Chignon

The chignon and bun share many traits. Chignons can be tucked under or fashioned differently from buns, which are wrapped.

11. Elegant Chignon

Chignons are versatile. Do you have a major work event or date? Why not try this exquisite design to show off your neck and seem lovely and sophisticated?

12. French Twist Chignon

The term "chignon" derives from "chignon du cou," French for nape of the neck. French twists are formed by collecting hair and twisting it.

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