The 10 Worst Foods To Buy at Costco

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1. Pre-Cooked Bacon

Precooked bacon has saturated fat and salt. Both should be eaten moderately. Too much processed meat is linked to chronic illness.

2. Frozen Beef Wellington

Healthy eaters shouldn't buy this. Beef Wellington is high in saturated fat and salt. Both should be eaten in moderation.

3. Kirkland Frozen Pepperoni Pizza

This item is really high in salt and fat. It's a thin crust pizza so if you are eating this alone, most likely you are eating more than a quarter of it.

4. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

This portion would be smaller than usual. Chocolate adds calories, fat, and sugar to potato chips.

5. The Food Court Hotdog

Costco's hot dog is a crowd-pleaser. Hot dogs are rich in saturated fat and salt and should be confined to rare occasions

6. Pre-Made Skillet Mac and Cheese

Too easy to finish! This mac and cheese is heavy in saturated fat and salt, so watch your quantities.

7. Nutri Grain Bars

Don't be fooled by these bars. These are not nearly as healthy as people think. First off, buying them in bulk encourages overeating.

8. Kirkland Signature Chicken Bakes

Processed meats are connected to chronic illnesses including cancer. Ultra-processed and less nutritious than handmade dishes.

9. Muffins

Another delicious goodie to share. "They're as big as four to six slices of bread. People don't realise they contain 500 calories."

10. Cinnamon Pull-Apart Rolls

The enormous servings make buying just one difficult. You must buy 12 overeating-promoting goods. Sugar, fat, and calories abound. Two can share.

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