The 10 Signs Of Infidelity That Are Too Easy To Miss

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Technology is password-protected

Cheating begins with behavior changes. If your spouse has always been private, not sharing passwords may not be suspicious.

They're always on their phone now

Texting, smiling, and checking phones are red flags. Getting more nocturnal calls and texts makes this worse.

Their phone goes everywhere

If they'll be in the bathroom long, your friend may bring their phone. Bringing it everywhere—like when brushing their teeth or taking out the trash—is worrying.

They embellish their whereabouts

If your husband says, "Just out," it's a red flag. However, long descriptions of their whereabouts can indicate that they've rehearsed a story.

They're curious about your location

Your companion may enquire about your week to make conversation. However, excessive inquisitiveness may indicate cheating.

They allege infidelity

Cheating partners may subconsciously question their integrity and honesty. The cheating partner may justify their infidelity by accusing their partner of infidelity.

They self-harm

When this happens, they usually react with rage, implying that you're wrong to accuse them.

They cause self-doubt

They will insist you do not remember things properly despite clearly remembering what transpired.

Extra affectionate

An unexpected increase in affection is intriguing. Wasser: "Sounds counterintuitive." "But sometimes, when an accomplice is cheating, they might compensate out of guilt."

In bed, they're energetic

Another counterintuitive one: Cheating partners often need intimacy.

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