The 10 Better Ways To Do Grownup Eye Makeup

1. Check the mirror for inspiration

Makeup should not be hindered by the fact that your eyes may have changed. Instead of Botox or surgery, celebrate their sparkle and experience.

2. Prime lids

Use primer. It prevents eye makeup from creasing, feathering, spreading, and appearing like an unmade bed. Buy the correct sort for your lids.

3. Use black or dark brown high-pigment eye pencil

Liner defines your eyes. The pencil should glide on and seem opaque without becoming slick or dry. Again, lid pencil texture counts.

4. Gently hold lids taut for a neat line

This technique is excellent. Look directly into the mirror and softly draw your eye taut at the outer edge while applying liner to your upper lids.

5. Double up on the line

Retouch the pencil line with a heavy powder eye makeup. Not a "wing." Double-lining with shadow creates a smokier look, while liquid liner sharpens it.

6. Contoured creases make eyes appear larger

Only individuals with deep-set lids cannot contour the crease. Neutral medium-toned shadow crayon.

7. Trust neutral shadows

For a quick everyday look, you simply need a light shade for the lids, a medium shade for the crease, and a dark shade to double line your pencil.

8. Use lash curlers and black mascara

Another eye-opening suggestion is curling lashes. To maximum curl, pull your hand away from you and squeeze. Squeeze and relax the closed curler.

9. False eyelashes

Fake lashes enhance mascara. They may make all the difference to adult eyes, especially during parties or evening gatherings and in pictures.

10. Tails your brow?

Brow makeup completes any eye makeup appearance. Most 50s, 60s, and 70s women have scant outer brows or no brow tails.

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