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The 10 Best Summer Makeup Tips Ever

Exfoliate Your Face

Vincent Oquendo shaves supermodels before applying cosmetics. Dermaplaning my customers' skin before makeup is one of my secrets for summer makeup.

Priming Matters

Primer and exfoliation let makeup endure through breakfast, a beach day, and a park picnic.

Go Foundation-Less

Lightening your regimen for the season by just using what you need, including concealer to cover shadows and spots. Cream concealer.

Try a Tinted Moisturizer

For a subtle glow, apply a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector. Make your own barely-there base.

Invest in the Proper Instruments 

Most of us use a light base in summer to balance out our complexion, but if applied improperly, it may slip off and look like an oil slick.

Maximize Multitasking Makeup

Use a lip, lid, and cheek product. Multipurpose makeup lightens your luggage and produces a gentle, homogeneous effect.

Switch Over to Waterproof Formulas

Midday mascara or eyeliner mistakes are the worst. Especially in summer, use a waterproof version of your favorite eye cream to avoid raccoon eyes.

Sparkles Over Shadow

The waterproof aloe vera glue keeps decorations in place throughout sweaty summer activities.

Orange You Glad

Playing with color is always pleasant, but summer's heated air makes it more fun. Applying summer's orange on lips and cheeks rather than eyes to avoid creasing or running.

Power of the Matte

Matte lipstick outlasts summer plans. You need a non-fading, non-marking formula. Kiss, sip, or mask. It won't transfer.

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