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The 10 Best Makeup Brands for Teens


ColourPop at Target will captivate your teen. Eyeshadow palettes for school and socializing are colorful.

More Than Magic

Target has many unique brands including More Than Magic, which thinks being yourself means sparkling. This 25-lipgloss and four-highlighter palette is our fave.

Kylie Cosmetics

The line features some of the best lip kits that are quick to apply. We recommend Nordstrom's exclusive Matte Lip Kit in Kisses.


Browse Kosas' items if your teen wants a full makeup routine. The mild Revealer Concealer smooths blemishes without a heavy finish.

Morphe 2

Each product comprises a barely-there skin tint, lip oil, and skincare for younger teenagers who don't like heavy makeup. It's perfect for beginners or makeup novices.

Unicorn Glow

Unicorn Glow is another cruelty-free K-Beauty brand your teen should try. It offers colorful, inexpensive, and easy-to-use makeup.

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez established the brand, which has amazing formulations, gorgeous packaging, and a broad range of colours.

Florence by Mills

Millie Bobbi Brown, a Gen-Zer and Stranger Things star, established this cruelty-free beauty business encouraging teens to love and express themselves.


Your teen may be obsessed with Kaja's heart-shaped blush or eyeliner stamp, but the K-beauty brand has loads of other quirky makeup products.


Alleyoop was created because teens' skincare and cosmetic routines don't need a million steps.

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