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The #1 Haircut That Looks Good on Everyone

Thin Hair

No layers are needed for thin hair. It feels thicker. A lob cut that skims your shoulders. Layers can soften and texture mousy strands.

It should be contemporary, choppy, and untidy. Texturizing dry shampoo is your best buddy.

It offers amazing texture, volume, and holds any style. It gives hair a beachy, thick, somewhat gritty look.

Thick Hair

So your thick hair won't cooperate and form a neat, cool-girl bob? Don't quit.

Thin down the layers but leave them long—especially at the back—while keeping the front corners with fewer layers can help reduce weight.

 If you have long hair and are unsure about a bob, try a lob.

This cut shortens your hair, yet having it below your shoulders & skimming your collarbone gives it the appearance of length.

Curly Hair

Short curly hair is risky. This cut works best with curly hair. Layers may provide a beautiful shape, even a shag look.

To create a lob, gently squeeze your curly hair using a cloth. After blow-drying on a lower speed with no brush, she applies a curling iron to random parts of hair to mix it all together.

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