Taco Bell’s Pizza Is Making a Permanent Comeback

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Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza vanished after a huge marketing effort in May. A scarcity of ingredients was cited, but it was hard to think the business was caught off guard by demand.

CEO Mark King recently exposed how unprepared Taco Bell was for Mexican Pizza demand. The item is still absent from the menu, but its reappearance has been confirmed.

Taco Bell was unprepared for the frenzy when the one-of-a-kind pizza returned this year.

Fans raced to buy Mexican Pizza after an 18-month sabbatical, and sales were seven times greater than expected.

King told that all 7,600 Taco Bell restaurants sold out in just two months.

Taco Bell announced on its website that "replenishing the beloved menu item is taking longer than we'd like" and that pizza-making will resume in several months.

The item will return September 15. King told he's learnt not to meddle with fast food favourites.

"I received more feedback—hate mail!—over the disappearance of Mexican pizza," he said.

The item was deleted in November 2020 to simplify the menu during the pandemic.

 The Mexican Pizza was too renowned to leave quietly, and social media soon demanded its return

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