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Taco Bell Menu Tries a New Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell's business concept is fantastic. Most of its menu items are repeats.

Tacos, burritos, nachos, chalupas, and who knows what more employ the same components in different ways.

The chain may add a different protein, sauce, or queso to freshen up the menu.

It makes Yum! Brands (YUM) appear like it's continuously developing and attempting new things when it only does so seldom.

Taco Bell's been daring. It added chicken wings to its menu for a week and, albeit off-brand, has made Nacho Fries popular.

The business took Mexican Pizza off the menu during the outbreak and then brought it back this summer, angering consumers. It may have been a publicity effort that backfired.

While fans wait for Mexican Pizza's "permanent" return in September, the business has a new pizza that's closer to being a pizza.

Taco Bell brings back Mexican Pizza with the same recipe (although some disagreed).

"The Mexican Pizza is back in all its former glory, with seasoned meat and refried beans between two fried flour tortillas," the company added.

Taco Bell calls this open-faced taco or quesadilla a Meixcan Pizza. The chain has a new pizza-like product.

Taco Bell has not announced plans to roll out this new item statewide, although it usually tries new products in a few places first.

It's possible that the corporation waits until after the Mexican Pizza returns or utilises this new item to dampen demand for its returning staple.

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