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Taco Bell Adds Mexican Pizza So Pizza Hut Adds Italian Taco

Pizza Hut is debuting the Italian Taco, a taco-shaped pizza filled with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and toppings.

Pizza Hut will advertise Italian Taco on September 14. As it's just a folded-over pizza slice, it's a marketing gimmick to boost sales.

"Best? The corporation stated this innovation will never end. "The Italian Taco will stay forever."

Pizza Hut asks individuals who test it at Pizza Hut locations and with other pizza to post photos with the #nooneoutpizzasthehut hashtag.

Pizza Hut stated last week it will bring back its rectangular Detroit-style pizza for football season.

Pizza Hut picked tacos because Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza has been in the headlines for months.

Salsa sauce, ground beef, and shredded cheese on a taco shell was discontinued in 2020 when the pandemic shuttered many businesses and made it harder to distribute extra-saucy goods.

Taco Bell returned and took back the Mexican Pizza over the following two years because demand was so strong that many stores ran out of ingredients.

Taco Bell tweeted in May 2022, "We underestimated how much you love Mexican pizza." "7x what we expected. We're restocking Mexican Pizza ingredients quickly."

This week, Mexican Pizza will make its "grand comeback," but many social media users are doubtful that it's back "for good."

Mexican Pizza has produced an online phenomenon and free promotion most fast food restaurants can only aspire for. Only Popeyes' 2019 fried chicken sandwich was equivalent.

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