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Surprising Side Effects of Eating Corn

Corn may lower your cholesterol

Adding maize oil to your diet may lower your cholesterol.

In a study of 25 people with elevated cholesterol, maize oil decreased levels more than coconut oil.

Corn may reduce your risk of diabetes

A little purple maize might keep diabetes and its effects at bay.

Anthocyanin pigments in purple corn boost glucose absorption and insulin secretion and activate free fatty acid receptor-1 and glucokinase, two biological indicators linked to a lower diabetes risk.

Corn may improve your digestion

To stimulate a slow digestive system, consider eating some maize.

Polydextrose and soluble maize fibre, both of which may be found in corn, have been linked to an increase in bowel movements.

Corn may improve your gut bacteria

A good balance of gut bacteria promotes whole-body health, as 70% of the immune system resides in the gut.

Corn may assist maintain this equilibrium. Soluble maize fibre increased beneficial bifidobacteria in research participants' digestive tracts.

Corn may keep you fuller for longer

Air-popped popcorn might help you avoid high-calorie snacks between meals.

Popcorn's satiety index is 154%, compared to white bread's 100%. Low-fat popcorn is more filling than high-fat potato chips.

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