5 Surprising Facts About Outback Steakhouse

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1. Costs have risen

Yes, Outback Steakhouse's pricing are higher than before. In 2021, Outback Steakhouse's parent company, Bloomin' Brands, raised menu pricing by 3%.

In early 2022, they raised the price by 5% and plan to keep it there until the end of the year.

2. Authentic Australian cuisine isn't served here

Outback Steakhouse's menu includes "Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp" and "Aussie Fries," but it doesn't imply it provides true Australian food.

Australians rushed to Reddit to express what they would offer at Outback if they were in charge, including chicken salt, potato cakes, and fairy bread.

3. There are several frozen products on the menu

While many chain restaurants freeze their meat, Outback doesn't. Outback's famed steaks are served fresh, however a few things may be frozen.

According to an Outback Steakhouse staffer, fries, fish, lamb, desserts, and some dressings and sauces are frozen.

4. Health risks are present in some of its food

Not a big surprise, but this famed appetiser isn't healthy. This Outback Steakhouse appetiser is fried, salty, and full of fat.

One order includes 1,950 calories, 155 grammes of fat and 3,840 milligrames of salt, so eat it in moderation or share it with several friends.

5. Not even its fabled honey bread is that noteworthy

If you could create Outback's house bread at home, would you still go?

Outback bread copycat recipes allow you to effortlessly duplicate the iconic restaurant chain delight in your own home with only a few ingredients.

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