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Summer 2023 Makeup Trends That Will Define Your Look

Hologram eyes

You can apply two or three colors with the darker shade toward the bridge of your nose and the lightest color at the outside edge of your lid. 

all-natural look

You don't have to learn how to rock your blemishes—you simply need the appropriate tools to create a natural look that seems makeup-free.

Blue eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow may create mermaid wet looks or starry-eyed looks for a night out. You can also seem like a child who plundered their parents' makeup case.

Mood ring makeup

Nowadays, makeup can change colors like mood rings. Color-changing lipstick has been around since the '70s, but now there's eyeshadow, foundation, and more.

Matte makeup

Summer matte. It will keep you cool on the hottest day. Matte makeup might boost confidence if you have oily skin.

Double lining

While lining only your lower eyelids might create a more subtle look and lining only the top is traditional, double-lining is coming back into style.

The wet look

We love the fresh-from-the-pool, makeup-perfect look. Our sample photo shows how refreshing it is. This style may be achieved without sweaty face redness!

Frosted lips

The '90s popularized frosted lips. It gives your lipstick a frosty, sparkling sheen, like you spent time in a grocery store's walk-in freezer.

Jelly skin cheeks

This look suggests putting blush on the ball of your cheeks in a circular motion and blending it out, which may remind you of your childhood makeup experiments.

Doll lashes

Doll eyes, a new trend, provides us retro Hollywood and pin-up sensations without the complete artificial lash.

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