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Stunning Arabic Eye Makeup

Products Required

Light Pink Shade
Purple Shade
Highlighting Shade
Eye Liner-Liquid/Gel
False Lashes

Step 1: Liquid Eyeliner to Cover Eyes

Hide dark circles, wrinkles, and spots around the eyes. For long-lasting coverage, use liquid concealer.

Step 2: Use Primer

Use a primer. To apply eye makeup smoothly. Makeup lasts longer and doesn't flake on a well-prepped eye.

Step 3: Pink Eyeshadow All Over Lids

Blot excess pink shadow using an eyeshadow brush. Prevents makeup overload. Apply the shade to the lids below the crease from inner to outer.

Step 4: Purple Eyelid Edges

The purple hue should be applied to the outside border of the eyelid and extended below the pink eye makeup to produce a subtle wing appearance.

Step 5: Pop Eyes

Eyes sparkle with a highlighter beneath the brow bone and on the inner corner.

Step 6: Your Eyes

Line your eyes from the center to the outer corner to create it almond-shaped and elongated. Lighten and match the purple. To emphasize eyes, line the lower lash line medium thick.

Step 7: Add Mascara

Apply your favorite mascara and remove all fallouts. False eyelashes can replace mascara.

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