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Steps For Perfect Eyebrow Threading At Home

You Will Need

A 14-inch piece of high-cotton sewing thread
A pair of eyebrow scissors
Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow pencil
Aloe vera gel/Ice pack

Step 1: Locate a Mirror

Collect your belongings and stand in front of a well-lit mirror. Make sure you can see your brows.

Step 2: Create An Outline

Draw a shape once you've trimmed your brows. Outlining brows with a soft lead brow pencil a shade darker than your natural brow hair color is ideal.

Step 3: Make Your Brows Perfect

Using an eyebrow brush, brush up your brows. The section is held in place by the brush, while the longer hairs are clipped using brow scissors.

Step 4: Make Your Thread

Create a loop with your threading thread. For a clean loop, trim the loose ends and tighten the knot.

Step 5: Twist the Thread

With your thumb and forefinger, hold one side of the loop open and insert your other thumb and forefinger between the thread on the other side.

Step 6: Exercise the Movement

It helps to move the twisted component by opening and closing the thumb-forefinger gap on either side. Close one hand while twisting the other.

Step 7: Thread Positioning

To begin, place the twisted middle of the thread over your brow over the hairs you want to remove for precision.

Step 8: Begin threading

Close one hand and open the other to manipulate the twisted center. Slide the twist across your skin slowly yet firmly. As it moves, the twist's edges capture and remove hair.

Step 9: Form Your Brows

Transfer the twist to another hair to remove after your initial stroke. Repeat until you achieve the desired shape.

Step 10: Following Care

Threading your brows may cause irritation and redness. To avoid infection, use aloe vera or a cloth-wrapped cold pack to your brows.

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