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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips For Small And Big Eyes

Some have smaller eyes than their faces. Smokey eyes for small eyes are handled differently. If you're one, these tips may help:

Prime your eyelid first. Use concealer to prime the lids, beneath the brow, and under the eyes.

Next, fill dark circles with little dots of foundation and blend smoothly. Instead of one heavy concealer layer, apply 3-4 tiny layers. Powder emphasizes wrinkles.

Smoky eyes for small eyes should not be too dark, brown, black, bronze, or purple. Choose a liner that complements your skin tone.

Use a Q-tip or applicator to apply the dark color from half the eyes to the brows, but not in a tail.

Lighten the frontal lids to highlight the eyes.

Thinly line your upper lids. Preferably blackish but not jet black. Blacker eyes look smaller.

Line the lower rim, but it helps for some and depresses others. So try lower rim lining. Also coat your lower rim with milky white liner.

Put a shimmery white or silver eye pencil dot between the nose and eyes. Silver glitter underneath the brow highlights the brow bone.

False lashes are great for small lashes. Double-curl upper and lower lashes before and after mascara. Individual lashes can replace strip lashes.

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