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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips For Small And Big Eyes

For Smaller Eyes

1. Prime your eyelid first. Apply concealer to the lids, beneath the brow, and under the eyes.

2. Next, fill dark circles with little dots of foundation and blend smoothly. Instead of one heavy concealer layer, use 3-4 tiny ones. Powder emphasizes wrinkles.

3. Smoky eyes for tiny eyes should not be too dark, brown, black, bronze, or purple. Choose a subtle eyeliner that complements your skin tone. Avoid dark eyelid makeup.

4. Use a Q-tip or applicator to apply the dark color simply from half the eyes to the brows without a tail. Make eyes pop on frontal lids with a lighter hue.

5. Thinly line your upper lids. Add a little winged accent around your eyes. Preferably in a blackish hue. Blacker eyes seem smaller.

6. You can line the lower rim, but it might make eyes seem depressed or pop up. Line the lower rim through trial and error. Also coat your bottom rim with milky white liner.

For big Eyes

1. Prime your eyes before applying concealer and foundation for a natural look.

2. Sometimes your eyes look too huge for your face. Use bright and dark hues in such circumstances. Dark hues shrink eyes!

3. Do your eyelid frontals with bronze or dark mauve (lighter than dark purple) and any color like blue or green. Plum is ideal for enhancing green eyes.

4. Next, apply deeper shades like black for bronze, dark purple for mauve, etc. to the crease. Blend this deeper shade to a near-black shade from the end of the crease to just below the brow bones.

5. Use shimmer white sparingly on brow bones in a thin line below the brows. Lighten the middle of the eyelids and apply white shadow under the brows.

6. Since your eyes are huge, line the under-rim line. Use kohl or pencil to make them proportional. Shadow over liner softens and prolongs makeup.

7. If you want huge, dark eyes without lash extensions, use mascara and artificial lashes. Curl lashes before applying mascara.

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