Simple Steps To Perfect Cheekbone Contouring

Bronzer/Contour Powder

You Will Need

First, determine cheek contouring. Sucking your cheeks will tell you that. This shows you your cheek hollows.

Step 1

Place the brush on your cheekbone at a 45-degree angle, as illustrated. Suck your cheeks and feel your cheek bone with your index finger.

The key to a flawless contour technique is proper placement.

Step 2

Another method for determining where to contour is to lay the brush vertically where your brows end. Your contour shading should ideally terminate there.

Use an angled contour brush to apply two to three shades darker contour powder or bronzer. Place it underneath your hairline or where your index finger touched.

Step 3

Swipe to below half your cheekbones. To avoid contoured shadows across your cheekbones, swipe down with minimal pressure.

Choose a pink, brown, mauve, or bronze blush that matches your skin tone. Apply with a fluffy powder brush and mix as shown.

Step 4

Blend blush and bronzer with a patted brush. This avoids makeup patchiness.

Highlighting complements contouring. Apply a cream-based highlighter with a fluffy brush. Apply it above your contoured cheekbones, half an inch from your hairline.

Step 5

Use peach or brown shimmer blush instead of a highlighter. Non-cheekboned people can use a blush brush to apply shimmer blush or powder highlighter on their apples.

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