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Simple Makeup Tips For Flat Lips

Lips that are flat lack dimension and depth, giving the appearance of being very flat and lacking a strong shape.

People who have flat lips should choose for lighter and gentler lip colors rather than dark lip colors since dark lip colors will make the lips appear even smaller.

1. To begin, draw an outline of your lips that extends just a little bit beyond the lips' natural lip line.

2. Lipsticks with a shimmery or frosty finish provide the appearance of bigger and plumper lips, making them an excellent choice for women with thinner or flatter lips.

3. Even on lips with less volume, ombré lip effects can bring out their full potential.

4. To achieve a lovely ombre lip look, begin by filling in the outer corners of your lips with a dark lip color. Next, fill in the center of your lips with a lip color that is either soft or bright.

5. If you are not ready to sport ombre lips, you may create the appearance of plumper lips by applying a single shade of lipstick all over your lips and then using a

highlighter with a shimmering finish to highlight the center of both your upper and lower lips. This will give the appearance that your lips are fuller.

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