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Simple Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

highlights and fringe

You've probably tried fringes. How about hair color? Highlighting fringes is a must-try hair color makeover.

Try this in the salon. Get a professional fringe haircut and color it at home. Any woman's age is reduced with fringes and highlights.

chinese fringe haircut

The name suggests only Chinese ladies may wear it, however this fringe style is increasingly popular worldwide. Avoid covering your eyes with your Chinese fringe hairstyle.

crushed curls

Curly-haired people want it gone. Curly hair helps you seem younger. Curls transform straight-haired people, especially.

straight hair

Straight hair may also seem youthful and vibrant. Straight hair is heat-straightened. Home straightening takes time and care. Salon straightening is relaxing and lasts longer.

hair accessories

Bobby pins won't change your hair accessories. Wear eye-catching hair accessories. Hair ornaments make some women self-conscious.

switching parting

Switching your hair parting is the easiest approach to seem young if you're lazy or short on time. Side-swept hairstyles work for central hair parters and vice versa.

pixie cut

Pixie haircuts are popular among fashionistas and viral online. Try one to mask your age. Pixie haircuts are manageable since they shorten hair.

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