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Simple Gold Eye Makeup

Required things

Base shade
Gold eyeshadow
Dark brown eyeshadow

Liquid eyeliner

Step 1: Make Your Eyelids Perfect

Smooth your eyelids. This step is crucial since it prolongs makeup wear and avoids creasing.

Step 2: Apply the Base Shade

Apply the foundation shade to the lids and above them. This colour blends gold and skin.

Step 3: Make Use Of Eyeshadow

Gold eyeshadow is the star! Apply eyeshadow within and center of the eyelid and blend near the crease.

Step 4: Include a Dark Brown Shade

Blend dark brown into the crease from the outside corner. This will accentuate the gold and deepen the bottom.

Step 5: Hide the High Fallout Zones

Eyeshadow fallout is likely now. Concealer can fix this. Hide and blend significant fallout zones.

Step 6: Make a Winged Eyeliner

Make a curved line with a black liquid or gel liner. You can make the wing bigger or keep it easy. It depends on if you want a more bold look or a more simple one.

Step 7: Make An Intense Look Using Kohl

Use kohl on your upper and lower water lines to make your eyes look fierce. To lighten the look, smudge a little bit of the bottom lash line.

Step 8: Mascara for Eyelashes

Add mascara to your eyebrows and curl them to finish off the look.

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