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Short Hairstyles That Make Super Curly Hair Pop

Pixie long on top

This summer design keeps your neck cool without losing your magnificent curls. Leave-in curl creams define curls best.

Scarf it

You can confine your curls with an effortlessly elegant scarf and leave some strands out for visual intrigue.

French-bob down

We like curly French bobs since few people try them. If you have curly hair and a French bob cut, you probably wear it down.

Big afro with curled bangs

Let your natural curls become an afro. Better are curly-bang afros. We're envious if you can pull this off.

Leave some updo tendrils out

Go for an updo if your short hair is long enough, but leave some curling tendrils out to show off your curls.

Bandana it back

Sometimes your curls are perfect, but you want to change your style. Use a silk bandana to confine your curls and add some intrigue.

Braid sides

Braid the sides for a cool curly mullet. Dye your curls stylish colors for extra points. The double braid above adds visual appeal, but one braid works too.

Bubble braids suit curly hair

Looser curls give the texture and volume to make bubble braids pop and keep their shape, plus you may leave some tendrils out to show off your curls.

Half-updo it

To achieve this style, simply sweep back the front half of your curls and pin, clip, or otherwise bind them to the back (or crown) of your head.

Avoid a sloppy bun with bangs

Leave your bangs out when you do a sloppy bun with short hair. This will show off your curls but is casual enough for a beach day or lazing at home.

Grow a super-short pixie

You may want curls again after wearing an ultra-short pixie. If so, let your pixie develop! Grow out a pixie cut without that awkward in-between phase.

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