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Short Haircuts for Round Faces according to Stylist

Clippered Pixie

I love the clippered pixie for round faces. The cut is tight on the side and back and squarer at the top and head. Elongating the curve adds height and slims the face.

Tousled Pixie

Pixies decrease style time in half and more by cutting length and weight. Volume on top flatters rounder faces. This lengthens your face.

Angled Lob

This Taraji P. Henson-favorite hairdo may be gentle or dramatic. Shiny, smooth hair and layers that start below your collarbone extend your head shape.

Long Layers With Blunt Ends

To emphasize the eyes and create a bouncy look, have your stylist make lengthy layers a few inches above the length.

Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

A haircut may make a round face look rounder, but not here. Why? Side-swept bangs lengthen the face.

Cropped Pixie

The front side-sweep and shortened back and sides extend the neck. To keep ends soft, ask your hairdresser to cut the sides and back using scissors over comb.

Textured Lob

As Hailey Bieber shows, texture may deflect the fullness of the face. When drying, scrunch your hair. Fold your hair around a hefty curling iron to increase it.


It flatters round faces and looks great in the workplace and out. Placed astride your head, it naturally draws the gaze upward, making the head look longer and narrower.

Layered Mid-Length

A couple shorter pieces around the lip and chin can lessen the front hairline and give you height. They refresh your style with no effort.

Sideswept Lob

Request a length from an inch below your chin to your collarbone and layers that emphasize on the ends rather than the face.

Box Bob

The box bob cuts precisely. It's flat and has no layers. Request end texture. This cut slims the sides and lengthens the face below the chin.

Voluminous Curls

Choose a cut that suits your natural texture. Jill Scott's voluminous bob has layers for form. A lift at the root and waves highlight your eyes and lips with lots of texture.

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