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Short Boyish Hairstyles For Stylish Tomboys

the pixie

It's the most famous hairstyle because Emma Watson, who plays Harry Potter, wears it. A pixie cut is a military-style cut for short hair. Leave a few odd ends out for style.

assymmetrical bob

Another popular style for women with short hair. Rihanna on the red carpet is a good example.

This style makes one side of the crown shorter than the other. It's cool to have hair that isn't even.

pigtail boy cut

You've seen women with short hair wear their hair in braids or beads behind their ears.

The knot shows off how long your hair is. You get a crew cut and keep that one loose hair as a sign that you're a great tomboy.

spunky spikes

If your hair isn't very straight and shiny, don't try this at home. It's hard to pull off this short, crazy, boyish hairdo.

This one takes a certain amount of sass. Your hair will stick up and look messy. This haircut has almost no hairs that go together.

streaked layere hair

Try a stacked boy cut if you want streaks of color. With white and gold streaks and a stacked boy cut, this style works well.

middle parted hair boy

Imagine Demi Moore's beautiful eyes with Leonardo Di Caprio's hairstyle from Titanic. Is that right? It's a hairstyle from the 1960s that's making a comeback.

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