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Serious Side Effects of Eating FastFood


With large portions that are often high in fat, fast foods like burgers, fries, and milkshakes, fast food often delivers a hefty dose of calories.


Eating fast food may cause skin issues such as acne. "No, it isn't the chocolate or fried components.

You'll bloat

Some foods naturally contain higher amounts of sodium, but sodium is also added to many food products.


Fast foods like bacon burgers, some fried foods, and milkshakes are often high in saturated fats. 


Dietary fiber (commonly found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds) plays a dominant role in the digestive system. 


If you switch from a balanced diet of whole foods to one of fast food, the most obvious difference you'd register would be the enormous uptick

nutritionally speaking

The high calories in fast food are accompanied by low nutritional content. 

increase inflammation

Phthalates, a class of endocrine-disrupting chemical toxins, are used to line plastic food and beverage packaging. 

teeth will decay

Drinking large amounts of soda increases the amount of acid in your mouth, which eventually causes tooth decay and cavities.

mental health

Recent research shows that eating fast food may cause a higher rate of depression

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