Selena Gomez's Own Ice Cream Brand


Selena Gomez is known for her pop songs, acting, and executive producing. Since 2020, the former Disney Channel star has co-owned Serendipity Ice Cream.

Gomez underwent a kidney transplant from her closest friend in 2017, but she still enjoys sweets. Not simply BLACKPINK's "Ice Cream"

Gomez champions mental wellness. Now, she's teamed up with Serendipity to contribute 1% of every ice cream purchase to mental health organisations.

"Mental health awareness is personal to me," Gomez stated. "I'm glad Serendipity Brands is supporting the Rare Impact Fund and mental health resources."

Serendipity isn't your average chocolate soft serve. Each mouthful was fresh and amazing, from Forbidden Broadway Sundae to Unicorn Bliss Sundae.

We presume it's her Cookies & Cream Remix. Calderone also likes the restaurant's famed Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and Birthday Cake. 

Friends Central Perk Coffee Almond Fudge is my fave. I may have devoured the entire pint of fudge swirls and chocolate-covered almonds.

Eating ice cream in my living room felt similar to getting a sundae in NYC. "Serendipity is a pint-sized sundae.

The super-premium, ultra-creamy ice cream has amazing bits, chunks, and swirls ""Calderone" "Our Birthday Cake Ice Cream isn't simply cake-flavored; it features cake bits and frosting swirls."

Gomez and Serendipity tested the ice cream. "We believe in Selena's goal to destigmatize mental health and want to help and raise awareness." Through teamwork, we may provide people lucky moments.

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