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Selena Gomez Says Lupus Symptom is One to Watch For

Chronic Fatigue

Lupus may create loneliness due to dread of infection, not knowing how you'll feel each day, and chronic pain and weariness.

Lupus patients should seek treatment and realise they're not alone.

Hair Loss

Lupus causes hair loss and face rash. Lupus may affect any part of the body, therefore it can cause hair loss from head to toe, or alopecia.

"Lupus may induce facial rashes or sun sensitivity. It causes nose and mouth ulcers."

Joint Pain

Lupus causes joint discomfort. "Patients come in with hand, foot, wrist discomfort, swelling, and redness," says Dr. Littlejohn. Lupus may harm the heart or lungs.

Lupus Nephritis

After lupus nephritis, Gomez required a kidney transplant. Gomez: "I've spoken about my illness to promote awareness."

"Doctors informed me I had lupus nephritis after multiple renal tests. I needed a kidney transplant."

Brain Fog

Lupus causes brain fog. 20% to 50% of lupus patients have mental fogginess, including depression

memory difficulties, headaches, lethargy, disorientation, and other neurologic symptoms.

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