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Secrets Dog Groomers Won't Tell You

You should leave during the appointment

When dogs arrive, they might be frightened and terrified, but an anxious owner makes it worse.

Leaving a dog with separation anxiety will have the opposite impact. The dog can relax after the owner departs, and the groomer can perform their job.

You're making their job more difficult

Since a good pet groomer concentrates on customer service and client relationships, they may not tell you how your lousy grooming habits make their job tougher.

Even if you take your dog to the groomer, you should brush at home. Dense or curly-coated breeds should be brushed to the skin to avoid mats.

You've researched your dog's breed, they know

Many dog groomers know if you've researched your dog's breed and grooming needs.

Some dogs need to be brushed more regularly than others, and every pup needs a nail clip.

Dog groomers often had to shave off matted areas since owners didn't brush their dog at home.

They don't enjoy doing "end of life" grooms

Dogs become family members, so saying goodbye is hard. Some owners want their dogs to look well before dying.

End-of-life grooming can be distressing for pets, therefore groomers may not warn clients.

They might shave your dog

Long- or curly-coated dog owners (especially poodles and doodles) often discover their canines shaved rather than groomed as asked.

The groomer's defence is "excessive matting." They'll always help your dog. Reputable groomers will tell you whether it's essential, but not always.

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