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Side Effects of Taking Apple Cider

experience an upset stomach

One research found that consuming less than an ounce of apple cider vinegar may induce stomach pain.

Participants consumed apple cider vinegar or a non-vinegar drink at breakfast in a controlled trial. ACV users reported reduced appetite, but also nausea and indigestion.

blood sugar may stabilize

Recent study supports the concept that apple cider vinegar can assist diabetics regulate blood sugar.

Vinegar slows stomach emptying, reducing digestion of complex carbs and levelling postmeal blood glucose. 

tooth enamel may break down

Acidic beverages erode tooth enamel. Both bad beverages like soda and good ones like sparkling water are affected.

Some studies have revealed that acetic acid, the main acid in ACV, may potentially erode tooth enamel like carbonated drinks do.

cholesterol levels may become more favorable

While apple cider vinegar supplements tend to focus on cleansing, one adverse effect has greater scientific backing. ACV may enhance cholesterol levels

A four-week vinegar diet lowered lipid levels in rats. This may be a secondary effect of the animals' weight reduction throughout the treatment, and ACV may not directly affect cholesterol levels.

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