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Retro Fashion Trends Everyone's Wearing Now

Flared pants

To offset the stunning silhouette, pair flared pants with a plain cotton T-shirt or fitting button-down tucked in and clunky sandals or platforms.

Cargo pants

I dress them up with a sleek oversized coat and low strappy heeled sandals. To avoid the '90s vibe, wear cargo trousers with a fitted bodysuit instead of a baby tee.

Power suits

Statement pantsuits in bright colors from the 1980s are making a comeback. This classy appearance may be worn both professionally and casually.

To modernize the two-piece suit, wear it with ballerina flats or pointy-toe shoes.


Keep in mind that a little metallic goes a long way. Clutches, belts, and pumps in silver or gold provide instant style.

Keeping your outfit minimal so that your flashy accessories may stand out.


A fun way to spice up your look? Wearing 1960s mod and bohemian head scarves is suggested by Stasen. Jackie Kennedy's summer dress at Hyannis was casual.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans made a comeback a few years ago, but the late '80s and early '90s trend isn't going anywhere. 

This high-waisted, straight-leg style flatters most forms, which is a good thing.

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