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Restaurant Chain Temporarily Shuttered 40 Locations

Pandemic affected eateries first. Inflation lost customers. Last week, Hurricane Ian battered Florida's hotel business.

Restaurant proprietors watched as their shops were smashed, carried away, or wrecked beyond repair by a Category 5 hurricane.

One 24-hour breakfast company is so dependable in the Southeast that its choice on whether to keep locations open during storms is a solid prediction of how bad the weather will be.

Despite seldom shutting for storms, 40 Waffle Houses in Florida shuttered during Hurricane Ian. Unofficially, the chain predicts national catastrophe severity.

Green signifies open; yellow implies restricted menu; red means temporarily closed. These eateries were in the hurricane's path or flood-prone locations.

Waffle House won't disappoint waffle lovers. 34 of 40 closed Waffle Houses returned Friday with little damage.

The company is seeking to establish six locations in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Northport, and Port Charlotte.

Other restaurants are helping Waffle House get back up and running and aiding Florida volunteers.

Abbale Telavivian Kitchen, Inika Foods, Red South Beach, Sergio's, Zalie Cakes, and more are conducting fundraisers and contributing revenues to Hurricane clean-up.

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