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Quick Makeup Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

1. Begin by cleaning your face gently with a mild cleanser. Before applying any new products, make sure to remove all signs of makeup.

2. Purchase non-comedogenic items. Makeup that is non-comedogenic will not clog your pores and trigger outbreaks.

3. Use an SPF-protected moisturizer. Because sun exposure can aggravate acne, search for moisturizers with broad-spectrum SPF protection.

4. Apply a light foundation. Select a lightweight, oil-free product that will not clog your pores.

5. Select a powder blush. Cream blushes can be too heavy for acne-prone skin; instead, use a powder blush.

6. Avoid using a lot of bronzer and highlighter. Heavy makeup might irritate acne-prone skin, so use a thin dusting of bronzer and highlighter instead.

7. Finish with a setting spray. This will keep your makeup in place and keep it from spreading to your skin.

8. At night, remove your makeup. Before going to bed, use a gentle cleanser to remove all traces of makeup.

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