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Queen Elizabeth II Disliked This Food

Queen Elizabeth II died Monday at age 96. Her Majesty enjoyed a lengthy reign and life.

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952 and led the UK through societal turmoil.

From the collapse of the Berlin Wall to Brexit, the Queen's soothing presence offered stability.

Many have turned to the Queen's diet to understand her longevity. One healthful dish was banned from Buckingham Palace because Queen Elizabeth II despised it.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady said the Queen hates garlic. She disliked onions and rare meat.

McGrady added, "We can't provide too much garlic or onions." She like well-done meat, so we couldn't offer it rare.

John Higgins, another royal chef, confirmed The Queen's dislike of garlic.

"The Queen is a beautiful lady, the royal family are wonderful people, but they're losing out on garlic," he once said.

"You may deliver The Queen strawberries every day at Balmoral and she won't complain," he said.

She eats seasonal, so don't put strawberries on the menu in January or send her GMOs.

Queen Elizabeth II's sugar craving was well-documented. She liked chocolate biscuit cake.

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