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Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

You Will Need

Lilac shimmery eyeshadow
Black eyeshadow
Dark purple eyeshadow

Peachy-pink eyeshadow
Black liner
Eyeshadow brushes

step 1

To get started, select a shimmering lilac eyeshadow to use as your initial base color.

step 2

Apply a substantial amount of black to the exterior corner, then blend it out such that there are no distinct lines.

step 3

To make a seamless transition between the lilac and the black, use a little darker shade of purple in the centre of the eyelid.

This will help to define the crease. Blend everything together so that it has a perfect finish. This goes without saying.

step 4

Find a shade of pink that is more peach than pink, and use a blush brush with a lot of fluff to apply it just above the crease. This gives it a gradient that is entirely natural.

step 5

To achieve a smokey effect, apply kohl or eyeliner to the bottom lash line and then blend it out with your finger.

step 6

You can achieve the appearance of thicker lashes by tightlining the top water line of your eye.

step 7

After applying mascara, your purple smokey eye will be complete.

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