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Pro Tips To Lose Weight While Walking

Vary the terrain

Doing your walks on a flat, paved surface is all well and good. But to give your body more of a challenge and promote weight loss

walking speed

The faster you walk, the greater amount of calories your body will torch.

weighted backpack

As you get more used to it, you can continue to add more weight to increase your burn on future walks."

Engage your arms

Sure, your legs are doing most of the work when you're walking, but don't forget to engage your arms!

walking buddy

Recruiting a friend who shares the same common goal of walking for weight loss will serve as motivation and hold you accountable.

Establish a goal

It's always a smart idea to go into a weight loss journey with an end goal, along with small goals along the way.

Take the stairs

This weight loss tip doesn't only need to be part of your walking workout—you can incorporate this into your day

Raise your knees

Helping you expend energy and work up a sweat. It's a simple but effective tweak to make in your routine.

handheld resistance

Performing 'farmer's carries,' holding lightweight dumbbells, or even wearing ankle weights are stellar ways to increase the calorie

frequent walks

Another solid habit to get into if you're walking to lose weight is to take shorter, more frequent walks. 

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