Popular Donut Chain Is Planning a Major Expansion


If you've never had a Shipley doughnut, you will soon. The famed Texas doughnut brand will more than double in size by 2027.

The brand will add 350 outlets in the next five years, raising its total to just under 700, thanks to new franchise agreements, including one with HPL Capital.

55 new sites are planned for Georgia and Maryland, and 25 for Dallas-Fort Worth. Shipley has locations in twelve states, mostly in Texas.

Shipley will expand in Southeastern markets where it is underrepresented.

Shipley's menu is also expanding. The restaurant will test hot and iced coffee in Houston before expanding nationwide. Rutldege said the menu adjustments are new.

Rutledge joined Shipley in 2021 as CEO, with COO Hank Simpson. Rutledge and Simpson are both quick-service business veterans.

Rutledge previously worked at Bojangles and Whataburger, and Simpson spent 18 years at Panera.

Peak Rock Capital reorganised Shipley's executive team. Before Rutledge and Simpson, Lawrence Shipley III controlled the company.

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