Personality Traits of an Aquarius

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Uranus controls Aquarius. Uranus suits Aquarius' eccentricity. Aquarians think deeply but must remember their surroundings.

Aquarians should remember that growth starts small and nurture empathy and compassion wherever possible.

Humanitarians are aloof. Aquarius hates smalltalk. Aquarius detests chitchat. This zodiac sign's revolutionaries want systemic change.

If Aquarius seems apathetic, it's because the issue isn't community-focused. "Us" instead of "me" intrigues Aquarius!

Aquarius is stubborn—they're set! Aquarius is obstinate. Aquarius can't change their mind after adopting a new system. Weakness. Aquarius rules ankles.

When they can change, Aquarius overcomes their virtuous obstinacy. Equality motivates these water carriers to collaborate and join like-minded communities.

Aquarians need time and space to plan and organise the revolution. Aquarians resent control. Avoid taming Aquarius' quirks.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius' brave independence and air signs' intellectual connection inspire Aquarius (Gemini and Libra). Aquarius compatibility accepts all signs.

Revolutionaries—spirited, enthusiastic, and motivated to improve the world—draw Aquarius.

Aquarians like companions who don't mind breaking the rules or being devoted to the cause. Aquarians' big-picture thinking makes partnership political. Duh.

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