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Office Makeup

1. Begin by cleansing

Before applying makeup in the morning, cleanse your face. To remove dead skin, wash your face with lukewarm water or a cleanser. Towel-dry it.

2. Use BB Cream

BB cream eliminates moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, makeup brushes, and sponges. BB cream covers and smooths like a primer.

BB cream immediately hides spots and gives you beautiful skin. Use fingers or a beauty blender.

3. If necessary, conceal

If you have gorgeous skin (we envy you!), skip this step. We have a secret for great skin too!

A fast stroke of creamy concealer covers zits and blemishes. Finger-apply it. Reason – the heat of your fingers helps blend the concealer to give a real and natural finish.

4. It's Time For A Rosy Flush On Your Cheeks

After base, apply neutral blush on cheekbones. It enlivens! Bronzer provides depth and glow. If blusher runs out, try lipstick!

5. Softly line your eyes

Use kohl or kajal to define your bottom lid. Add magic to your eyes using liquid eyeliner or a gel pencil on the upper eyelid.

To brighten your brows, brush the brow pencil along them. Apply nude makeup to the lids. Nude eyeshadow helps apply eyeliner evenly and remain longer.

6. Improve Your Lips

Apply lip liner and lip gloss instead of a heavy lip color to make your lips appear fuller. If your makeup is lacking, add lipstick. Over lip liner, apply lipstick.

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