New Ways To Wear A White Eye Liner

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Waterline Protection

White waterline eyeliner instantly enlarges your eyes. Waterline application enlarges eyes. It's for Oriental, Asian, and deep-set eyes.

It will improve their vision. On dark complexion, white eyeliner may appear unappealing. Then, using a black eyeliner, draw your top lash line and a white pencil, fill in your waterline.

Pop in the Inner Corner

To brighten tired eyes, apply white eyeliner to the inner corner of your tear duct. If you still think this trend is unusual but want to utilize it in your makeup,

trace it in the inner "V" of your eyes. You may experiment with white eyeliner without stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Pop of Eyeshadow

Apply white eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids. Mix it carefully with a stiff eyeshadow brush or your ring finger for even dispersion.

Apply your favorite eyeshadow for a pop of color. The white foundation keeps eyeshadow from creasing and prolongs its life.

Lifting of the Brow Bones

White eyeliner also helps to raise the brows. Trace your natural contour to form brows. Put it behind the highest brow bone to softly enhance your eyes.

Line from your natural brow to your brow arch with the white liner for a dramatic and forceful result. Using this approach, raise your eyes.

Cupid's Perfect Bow

To make lips look fuller, highlight the upper cupid bow with white eyeliner.

This method necessitates integrating the substance seamlessly to avoid it seeming stark and unappealing.

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