New Coca-Cola Flavor Comes With QR Code

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From coffee-flavored cola to limited edition watermelon and strawberry variants, the drink industry has evolved.

The business began selling canned rum & Coke and exploring plant-based packaging under the tagline "Taste the Feeling."

Coca-Cola still releases novel tastes, and its latest is creative.

Coca-Cola Starlight (inspired by space), Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte (inspired by gaming), and Marshmello's Limited Edition Coca-Cola (in both watermelon and strawberry). 

Starlight revealed escapism and the endless, out-of-this-world possibilities of space.

Coca-Cola Creations announced on 8/10/2022 that its new Coca-Cola Dreamworld taste "Invite Fans to Experience Dreams in the Real World."

Coca-Cola Dreamworld explores what a dream tastes like, says Coca-Cola North America's creative & shopper programme director Alessandra Cascino.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld is innovative. Any drink purchased will contain a QR code that fans can scan to enter the Coca-Cola Creations Hub:

where they can enjoy an Augmented Reality (AR) music experience created by Tomorrowland; download an exclusive Dreamworld-inspired digital fashion line for the metaverse; and more."

Dreamworld will appear on college campuses, at NYC events, and on billboards and buses.

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