Neediest Zodiac Sign

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Taurus dislikes change and prefers comfort, security, and stability. Any break to this habit might force the sign to rely on their support systems.


Scorpios are passionate and mysterious, so you may think they're loners. When focused on someone, their tough exterior cracks.


Leos, ruled by the sun, the solar system's principal figure, need attention and become agitated if they're ignored.

When someone attempts to steal their spotlight, their confidence crumbles.


Pisces, a sensitive water sign, daydreams and loses themselves in art.

Like water, this sign has no bounds, leaving them open to rescue when they go in over their head and lose track of expenses and responsibilities.


Libras, controlled by Venus, love deeply. When their emotions run wild, love confessions flow like water, and their neediness may be incredibly unappealing.


Cancer, like Taurus, seeks comfort and security. As the zodiac's caregivers, they crave companionship. This makes them appear too dependent on partners and family members.

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