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Nail Colours To Wear In 2023 According To Your Zodiac Sign


You are a drama mama, aren’t you? This fire sign is notoriously popular for being dramatic, passionate, and always poppy in astrology.


Creativity is your second name. You belong to nature and prefer colours that resemble your bougie side without being extra.


Classic Gemini! You are twice the trouble, aren’t you? This multi-coloured manicure expresses your playful, curious, and quick-witted zodiac personality.


You are sensitive and highly innovative, and that it’s why this subtle yet glamorous nail inspiration is perfect for summer. 


Leos are ruled by the sun and resemble feisty, powerful, and passionate personalities. Drama and flamboyant is the classic you. 


Entering the season of earth sign! Secretive yet audacious, Virgos are famous for their simplicity and loyal nature. TBH.


You are a natural charmer, aren’t you? Your charismatic personality prefers a mix of poppy colours that keeps up with trends. 


This cool nail art aligns with your mysterious and fun side of yours.


This fire sign brings on optimistic views and loves some adventure. You are a truth-seeking queen who likes a mix of minimal yet bold prints. 


This nude nail colour will elevate your classic look and make it look ultra chic.

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