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Must-Try Black Girl Makeup

Metallic Eyes

Holy grail is metallic eye shadow. Metallic colors like cobalt blue and bright green make black eyes stand out the most.

Use any shade of gray for a winter look. For a more attractive look, put some on the eyes and then move toward the under-eye area.

Glossy Lips

Soft-girl chic looks great with glossy lips. Don't think twice about putting on lip gloss and your best lip color.

This also makes lips smoother and bigger.

Smokey Eyes

Don't be afraid to make your eyes shine even more than they already do. Smoky eyes can be either flat or shiny.

After smudging, add makeup to finish the smoky look. You'll see with your eyes.

Siren Eyes

This popular style on TikTok is perfect for a seductive look. Siren eyes elongate. At the outer corner, the eyeliner is darker and flicked up.

It has an air of sexy mystery. There are also different versions of this look.

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