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Mountain Dew Has Something New For its Fans

Mountain Dew is re-releasing VOO-DEW for Halloween for the fourth year. The ghostly white taste resembles sour candies.

This fizzy-phantom beverage isn't new, but Halloween and Mountain Dew enthusiasts will love its new alliance.

Mountain Dew and Spirit of Halloween are teaming together to help fans celebrate Halloween in style. A popular Halloween store will sell four Mountain Dew outfits.

Special edition Baja Blast and Code Red can costumes are now available. Both tastes have become pop culture icons courtesy to Taco Bell (YUM).

Spirit of Halloween and Mountain Dew both provide iconic costumes. Fans will likely dress like the traditional Mountain Dew bottle.

Mountain Dew has a Voo-Dew costume with a grim reaper look if you want to Do the Dew and be spooky.

Even the Grim Reaper loves a frosty Mountain Dew. Where can fans find these costumes?

These horribly entertaining soda-pop souvenir items haven't sold out yet, but it won't be shocking. will sell the four-pack of Mountain Dew costumes beginning September 1. It's unclear how long you'll have to snag this limited-edition drop.

According to the company's press release, you should "scare early" to avoid being the only frightening soda at the party without a can.

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