Most Unhealthy Yogurt You Can Buy


In recent years, the yoghurt department of supermarket stores has exploded. Today's yoghurt alternatives are high-protein, plain, flavoured, non-dairy, and low-carb.

Variety is good, but many of the selections are nutrient-poor. When picking yoghurt for your family, bear in mind that many include sugar, artificial additives, and little protein.

Yogurt with sugar is unhealthy. Some firms use artificial sweeteners to keep calories low, which may be harmful, while others provide sugar-dense recipes.

Added sugar can increase blood pressure, chronic inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease, all of which increase heart attack and stroke risk.

Women should restrict added sugar to 25 grammes per day, and males to 36.

Some dairy-free yoghurts offer more protein and less sugar than others, making them healthier. Look for yoghurts low in added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Varieties containing sweets or cereals have more sugar, while those with little to no added sugar have artificial sweeteners, another component linked to harmful health effects.

Look for yoghurts with less sugar and artificial chemicals and at least 10 grammes of protein per serving.

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