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Most Popular Fast-Food Chicken Chain Right Now

In 2020, fewer people visited fried chicken chains, but one is the obvious favourite.

TOP Data's 2020 Fried Chicken Report indicates Americans adore KFC more than any other fried chicken restaurant.

In 14 states, including New England from Connecticut to Maine, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, the chain is the top pick.

Church's Chicken and Raising Cane's are favourites in nine states, especially in the midwest and southwest. Seven states, three in the south, favour Zaxby's.

Six states adore Popeyes, but not Louisiana. In KFC's home state, Bojangles is the most popular chain.

Despite a 23% sales boost, A didn't top the charts in any state.

Burger King was dubbed the country's most-hated fast-food chain.

We asked a trained dietician which fast-food chicken sandwich is healthiest.

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