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Most Flattering Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Crop Short Gray Hair

Women over 60 were once barred from cropped hairstyles. However, many are wearing this look presently. This haircut makes gray hair seem younger. 

Brunette Messy Bob

Short brunettes are flexible hairstyles. This untidy look is excellent for casual events for anybody, glasses or not.

Wavy Bob for Asian Women

Gray hair is embarrassing since it's connected with age. Some Asian women appreciate gray hair, while others dye it.

Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

A short blonde hairdo with dark roots might make you seem younger if you're over 60. It suits any face shape and is trendy and classic.

Thick Brunette Bob Cut with Bangs

Older ladies like short brunette bobs with bangs. Additional glasses improve this young and satisfying look.

Brown Brushed Back Hair

Short brown hair feels natural. It's versatile and flatters all skin tones. Try a slight side brush. Simple but powerful.

Curly White Blonde Hair

Short, curly blonde hair on 60-year-old women is lucky. Blonde hair complements curly hair, which looks youthful and carefree.

Feathered Style for Grayish Hair

Feathering your hair at any age adds structure and body, but it looks best on ladies over 60. This easy-to-manage style looks fantastic curled or straight.

Straight Gray Bob

Older ladies look good in a well-cut short grey bob. A lady over sixty should avoid trendy or young bobs.

Stylish Bun

You don't need short hair. A basic bun keeps you appearing fresh and beautiful. This haircut requires little maintenance.

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