Most Craveable Menu Items Restaurant Chains in America

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Fries at Checkers and Rally's

Fries are no longer overshadowed by burgers and sandwiches.

More restaurants are specialising in potatoes, which may make all the difference when done right. Even fast-food giants like Wendy's have reevaluated their fries.

Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins

America can't get enough ice cream throughout the summer. The average American drinks four gallons annually.

Baskin-Robbins has several craveable selections and tastes to assist people reach their goal.

Baskin Robbins claims to have invented over 1,000 varieties in its 76-year existence. The brand currently offers 31 types, but that's still a lot.

Burgers at White Castle

A burger encapsulates American food. We eat 2.4 burgers every day, so that's a big hunger.

A smaller square will satisfy our burger cravings. Restaurant Businesses names White Castle's sliders the most craveable.

These steamed, onion-topped burgers are delicious. "Only White Castle makes them that way, and they're craveable," claimed one reply.

Milkshakes at Steak 'n Shake

American as milkshakes. The first contemporary version was developed by an employee experimenting in a Chicago Walgreens.

Consumers know their milkshakes. And their favourite shake spot? Steak n' Shake.

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