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Minimalist Natural Nail Designs to Try for 2023

Euphoria-Inspired Nails

Minimalists should try euphoria-inspired makeup with a wavy mani like this. DIY using a clear base coat, opaque white polish, and a few small gemstones.

Neutral Crystal Mani

With a jewel on each tip, nude nails are chic. Painting your nails with your preferred neutral colour and adding an adhesive gem needs no experience.

Simple Smiley

Nail stickers, inspired by expert nail art yet easy to apply, are popular. These look like hand-drawn smileys without the time or skill.

French Manicure Design

For Wednesday-era people. These translucent nails have barely-there black tips by dipping them in black lacquer.

Dominos natural nails

Adding small black and white dots at the base of each nail with a manicure dotting tool is the easiest way to explore with nail art if your go-to mani is light pink.

Peekaboo Mani

Except for a thin strip of natural nail, these nails are white. The fresh white tint and unpainted band make grown-out nails seem deliberate.

Pearl French Manicure

These nails are for Emily in Paris fashion and beauty fans. Pearls elevate the classic French mani.

Futuristic Nails

This shiny silver polish with strong, geometric diagonal lines is futuristic and shimmering yet nonetheless simple. It's gorgeous winter nail art.

Natural Nail Design for Fall

Minimalist fall nails. The ring finger's brown accent nail and cuticle dots evoke autumn without trying.

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