McDonald's summer menu Additions Are awesome

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We enjoy McDonald's burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and apple pies. The business occasionally tosses us a fresh seasonal McFlurry flavour or dipping sauce to make us feel alive.

But does Mickey D's ever innovate? McDonald's was founded in America, yet its menu is more creative internationally.

McDonald's UK's news makes us envious. The McPlant is old news in Europe, and they also have a new summer menu.

On July 27, McDonald's UK will offer two new burgers, cheesy fries, and a drink. All dishes are influenced by European and Mediterranean tastes.

Seasonal choices include a Spicy Spanish Stack Burger, Chicken Fiesta Burger, Halloumi Fries, and Fruit Punch.

Two beef patties, chilli cheddar, red onion, spicy tomato sauce, and lettuce are on the Spanish Stack.

The Chicken Fiesta Burger truly caught our eye. It features the same fixings as the burger but is topped with chorizo.

Curiouser? Cheese-flavored fries. Squeaky, firm, frying-friendly halloumi. Dairy fries come with tomato dip.

Fruit Punch will reportedly taste like a virgin sangria with citrus and berry flavours, completing out the themed menu.

These dishes will be offered until September 6 at all UK locations, replacing the Taste of Italy Menu. McDonald's fans in the UK enjoy all the fun.

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